Diary Entry – Tuesday 04/07/2017

6:11am – 6:40am

Watched Debugging Node Applications with Google Chrome video series on teamtreehouse.com.

7am – 3pm

Work – Network Operations

3pm – 6pm

JavaScript time!! Worked on Project Chicago – A web application which automates Morning Checks and End of Shift report :

  • Fixed issue #7
  • Updated issue log and sent note to team
  • Researched encrypting data at rest with Node JS
  • Tested crypto
  • Documented short proposal for my approach to encrypting/decrypting sensitive data

6:25pm – 6:50pm

Watched more ES2015 videos on teamtreehouse.com:

  • Object Property Shorthand
  • For…Of
  • Set
  • Map

7pm – 8pm

Gym (Weight Training)